Permanently Disabled Voters and Their Caregivers

Individuals with a disability have several options for voting:
  • Curbside voting assistance is available at all of our polling locations on Election Day.
  • Vote on a touch-screen unit (aka DRE) at your polling location (in federal elections) or at the St. Charles County Election Public Service Center, 397 Turner Blvd., St. Peters (in all elections).
  • Request to have your name placed on a permanently disabled voter's list as set out below. After being placed on this list, you will automatically receive a "Permanently Disabled Absentee Ballot Application" before every election that you are eligible to vote in. You must complete this application and return it to our office, and then you will be sent an absentee ballot. Then you must vote the ballot, place it inside the return envelope, complete the envelope by signing your name and then mail it back to us. You are exempt from needing your signature notarized.
  • You will continue to receive a Permanently Disabled Absentee Ballot Application before each subsequent election until you request to have your name removed from this list. Remember... you must complete the application and return it to us each time in order to receive your ballot.

Please click on the following link to print the application to request a ballot for the next election or to be placed on the permanently disabled list.

Permanently Disabled Absentee Ballot Application 

Caregiver of a permanently disabled voter: 


The application must be completed and either faxed to:  636.949.7552 or 636.949.1835
or mailed to:  St. Charles County Election Authority
                     397 Turner Blvd.
                     St. Peters, MO  63376